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improve chatbots

da bobred postato Dec 26 2018, 14:09

user input=how are you

chatbot response=I am you like to play games.

user input= I like to play checkers

chatbot response= are you good at it

why can't you make it so a chatbot would learn what certain words are then place them in a set automically.meaning without the programmer of the chatbot having to do that.For example play with one other word at the end of a sentence would mean they were talking about a game.then if you ask ask a question about a game that is in that particular set it would say yes or no if it was not in that set. 

Because I am having trouble implementing mine in aiml.I think other people would to.

by admin posted Dec 31 2018, 9:47

You can implement this functionality using a Self script, or the AIML <self> tag.

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by bobred posted Dec 31 2018, 22:08

the truth I am having problems with stops working for no apparent reason.

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by bobred posted Jan 1, 10:15

the problem I am having is in bugs and features forum.

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Postato: Dec 26 2018, 14:09
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