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Bot Libre JavaScript SDK
Bot Libre JavaScript SDK
The Bot Libre SDK is a software development kit that makes it easy for developers to create their own website, mobile app, or server that accesses BOT libre services.

The SDK includes an JavaScript API and SDK that makes it simple to develop your own bot or chat website. The SDK also contains an Android Java SDK, and support for other languages.

The SDK is open source under the Eclipse Public License, is extendable/customizable, and hosted on GitHub under Project Libre.
Alias: @Bot Libre JavaScript SDK
Categorie: SDK, Programming Language, JavaScript
Tags: sdk, api, examples, javascript, embed
Creato: Dec 5 2014, by: admin
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Language: JavaScript
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Evo - The Game of Life
Alias: @evo
Categorie: Programming Language, HTML
Tags: games, html, javascript
Creato: Nov 24 2019, by: admin
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Language: HTML
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Alias: @treelinksitems
Categorie: JavaScript, Programming Language, SDK
Tags: javascript, sdk, embed, api, examples
Creato: Feb 18 2019, by: ltvsit
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Alias: @Education
Categorie: Examples
Tags: javascript
Creato: Jun 20 2016, by: ppjose
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Language: JavaScript
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