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Announcing Bot Libre 5.4 - Game SDK, Skype and the Microsoft Bot Platform, Kik, Bing, Cortana, Email, Facebook, GroupMe, MSTeams, Slack, Telegram, Twilio

da admin postato Aug 4 2017, 8:36

Announcing Bot Libre 5.4!

Bot Libre now supports connecting your bot to Skype and the Microsoft Bot Platform. The Microsoft Bot Platform also provides a bot gateway to connect your bot to Kik, Bing, Cortana, Email, Facebook, GroupMe, MSTeams, Slack, Telegram and Twilio.

Chat with Brain Bot on Skype,

Chat with Julie on Skype,

A new Game SDK was added to support letting your bot play interactive games.
Currently the Game SDK supports TicTacToe and gives a framework for creating other games.

Play TicTacToe with the Games Bot,

The release also included several minor enhancements and fixes.

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