Lo sapevate Bot Libre fornisce anche avatar in 3D e una connessione web speech API?
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da mattadlard postato Apr 13 2014, 3:18

one has found it can take an age to upload to ones bot, could you update to allow more than one aiml upload at a time, say 5-8??

by admin posted Apr 14 2014, 7:39
I looked into big AIML imports, and have found/fixed the issue, but will not be able to update the website until later.

You can currently import multiple AIML files at a time. Your browser will give you the busy icon while it imports, but you can just click import again and import another file, they will all be imported in the background. Try to avoid importing too many large files at the same time, as it can affect the server's performance.

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by admin posted Apr 15 2014, 11:18
The website was updated today with a fix that should fix the AIML import performance problem.

A few other AIML fixes where added as well, and the Self AIML syntax was simplified.

Note that the max memory size for a bot is 100,000 items, which your bot currently exceeds. It is ok to go above the limit, but your bot will forget its least referenced data during the night, which could affect your AIML scripts. You can get bigger memory sizes on Paphus Live Chat

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by Will Dockery posted Sep 16 2014, 5:02
Hello, I'm new here and in browsing, found this, that "...the max memory size for a bot is 100,000 items"

Will Dockery A.I. contains 114,811 knowledge artifacts already... I have exceeded the limit on my bot?

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by admin posted Sep 16 2014, 5:42
The bots can exceed there knowledge limit slightly. If they have exceeded their limit they will forget their least important data over night. If they exceed the limit by 50%, then they will immediately start forgetting. You can force your bot to forget from the Knowledge page under Admin by running "forgetfullness" from the Task drop down.

They forget their least referenced data, and old conversations and context.

You can also "pin" data to ensure it is not forgotten. When you correct a response from the Chat Logs page it is automatically pinned. Also imported scripts are pinned.

You can reduce your bot's memory usage and improve its performance by disabling Comprehension, Consciousness, and Wiktionary from the Learning page (but it will affect its intelligence).

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by Will Dockery posted Sep 16 2014, 6:27
Thanks again, I'm new here and getting the feel, and actually loading as much "personality" to the Bot as possible right now. Good to know I can then go in and pare down some of the information, repeated knowledge, and so on.

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