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Website update, user messaging, external bot directory, websites, features page, and more

da admin postato Jun 2 2014, 13:36

The website was updated today.

User Messaging

You can now send messages to other users of BOT libre.
From your user page you can send new messages, and check your messages.
New email preferences have been added, you can choose to be notified of new messages, or updates via your email.

External Bot Directory

You can now list external, even non-BOT libre bots in the BOT libre bot directory.
This lets you host your bot on Paphus Live Chat, or with any other service, and still list it on BOT libre.
Your bot also now has a property for the website it is embedded on (if any). This lets users see and chat with your bot on your own website.

Features Page

A new features page now highlights the features of BOT libre, and its AI engine.


Several minor enhancements and fixes were also included:
  • Twitterbots can now retweet friends status without requiring you to set status keywords.
  • Chat log, and script imports now have a character set encoding option, to load files not in plain text, or UTF-8 encoding.
  • The Memory page Delete All option no long rebootstraps the default scripts.
  • The AI engine was improved
  • Many other minor enhancements and fixes

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