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da mendicott postato Jun 15 2014, 5:42

How to get botlibre to interact on Twitter? Right now my botlibre appears correctly connected to Twitter, but is not responding to inquiries, why or why not? Is there anything additional required to make it interactive?

by admin posted Jun 15 2014, 10:16
Which bot are you having issues with, vagabot?

My guess is it is because it has exceeded its max memory size. Currently it is at 332,797 knowledge items, but the max is 100,000 for free accounts on BOT libre, so it is well over the limit. When a bot exceeds its max by a large factor its Twitter task will be disabled until the nightly forgetfulness (cleanup) task runs.

It seems the large AIML scripts have filled the memory. Because it is far beyond its max, it will discard some of the content of the scripts over night, so you might want to delete some of the scripts, or delete everything and restart.

We will be released an update on Monday that will provide better handling of large AIML scripts, and some options for increasing a bot's memory limit.

Currently you bot has been not been configure to retweet or check friends status updates, so it will only respond to mentions.

Here are some posts on configuring a bot for Twitter,


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