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Learning English Made Easy - Bot Libre's Mobile App

da admin postato Jun 1 2022, 11:51

As learning is no longer defined by being in a physical classroom, virtual educational tools have increased in popularity. For example, data from shows that in the first quarter of 2020 Google Play saw 466 million downloads of educational apps. That number continues to grow especially amid various social changes.  

To help bridge the gap between eager learners and accessible education, Bot Libre has launched its latest mobile app -  Virtual English Tutor

The app has features that have been proven by experts to increase memory and learning outcomes

and are currently being developed to meet individual user needs.  


  • Conversational English Lessons 

  • Different learning categories - greetings, job interviews, and dating. 

  • Chat segment for conversational practice 

Virtual English Tutor is meant to offer English lessons to persons interested in learning English asa second language or to sharpen their current English skills. The app is also designed as a

virtual tool for English tutors to engage with students in the environments they spend most of

their time on the phone, and online. Since English is recognized as one of the universal languages,

the need for educational tools like Virtual English Tutor is of utmost importance. 

“The app is a good demonstration of how the Bot Libre platform can be used in education.

We will continue to create more lessons and with the active engagement of English teachers,

the app can facilitate curriculum-based content.”, said CEO and expert software architect of Bot Libre,

James Sutherland. 

Benefits of Learning A New Language 

  • Heightens creativity 

  • Develops good communication skills

  • Improves memory and other cognitive functions 

Benefits of the Virtual English Tutor App 

  • Offers 24.7 learning availability 

  • Provides new and exciting learning techniques 

  • Creates a marketplace for English teachers 

  • Self-paced 

To access these benefits and more, users can download the app for free on Google Play, where they will be provided

with free lessons and a chance to be first in line when new and exciting features are added. 

Bot Libre is an open-source platform for chatbot development and artificial intelligence solutions fit for the metaverse. 

For additional information, contact: 

[email protected] or visit the website 

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