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What are previous responses?

da admin postato Oct 9 2014, 7:31

You can add previous responses to a response from the Chat Logs page under Admin.

A previous responses is the bot's preceding response. Previous responses can be used to give a response a context.

For example:

Bot: Are you single?
You: Yes.
Bot: Great, wanna go out sometime?

Bot: Are you happy?
You: Yes.
Bot: I am please to hear that.

The question "Yes" has multiple responses. The bot can use the previous response to choose the best response. When in learning mode, or when being corrected, the bot will automatically record the previous response to learned responses.

You can also view, add, and edit previous responses from the Chat Logs page. You can add a previous when correcting or editing a bot's responses. You can also invalidate a previous response to ensure the bot does not use a response if the previous response was preceding.

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Postato: Oct 9 2014, 7:31
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