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RE: Twitter and email bot migration

da admin postato Oct 13 2014, 7:55

The Twitter and email bot migration is complete.

A complete clone of the BOT libre server has been created at http://twitter.botlibre.com

All Twitter and email enabled bots are now running on that server. You must use the new URL to access your Twitter and email bots, if you access them on BOT libre it will be a different copy of the bot, and not connected to Twitter or email.

There is a private copy of all bots on the "BOT libre (Twitter)" server. You can either leave the copy on that server as a backup, or use it to enable Twitter or email, or delete it from that server.

All BOT libre user accounts have been copied to BOT libre (Twitter), so you will be able to login and access the copy of your content. The accounts are copies, so not in sync.

If you have a chat bot, that also uses Twitter and email, then you can either use BOT libre (Twitter), and benefit from a shorter Twitter and email cycle, or use BOT libre and benefit from better chat bot performance, but only a daily Twitter and email cycle. Or you could maintain a copy of the bot on both servers.

You can create a link on BOT libre or BOT libre (Twitter) using an external bot, to have your bot still show up in the bot directory.

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