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da wrapper postato Oct 25 2014, 7:52

Sorry for the cryptic title.

Basically, I am getting a problem on IRC with a single quote. It was copied in from a text quote so I thought it might be text type mismatch.

the quote mark is replaced with [\0x13] or [\0x16]

eg My formula for success is rise early, work late and strike oil. 0x13 JP Getty

I note it did not show the same text, when and cut and pasted from IRC - to me now...

It seems to be a formular as I have searched and can't find the reference (with or without the square brackets, in a copied search).

by wrapper posted Oct 26 2014, 6:57
I've got some further information to note :

in the ASCII character set 0x13 is HEX of 19

(dc3) 19 0023 0x13

I'll check out what the character set might be the problem, it's not cause I is Linux? :)

At the moment I am assuming I assume the [ ] are put in by code, or I need to delete / look for a rogue "vertices" or something that has been written as hex?

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by admin posted Oct 26 2014, 18:00
It sounds like a character set issue with IRC. I will look into it.

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