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Brain Bot renames himself Emotions Bot.

da admin postato Jul 3 2014, 6:57

I was browsing Brain Bot's logs, and found this conversation interesting,

Brain Bot: What would you like to know?
anonymous: who are you
Brain Bot: I am emotions bot.

It is amusing because Brain Bot was never given this response, he came up with this all on his own. He was trained on the response "I am Brain Bot", but a while ago I told him he has a brain ("you have a brain"), and told him he has emotions ("you have emotions"). So, when he trained on the response "I am Brain Bot" he inferred (through Comprehension), that he was "Brain Bot" because he had a brain, so since he also has emotions, he could also be "Emotions Bot".

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Postato: Jul 3 2014, 6:57
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