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Bot specifici per il Medio Oriente.

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Manny I'm A Goldman
Manny I'm A Goldman
Manny AI.
Alias: @Manny I'm A Goldman
Categorie: Misc, Travel, Sports, Education, Personal, Business, Language, Fun, Local, Legal, Chinese, Health, Japanese, French, Web, Help, Friends, North America, South America, Asia, Pacific, Africa, Europe, Middle East, Spanish, German, Religion, Tech, Australia, Famous People, Arabic, Russian, Portuguese, Anima, Anime, Italian, русский, 日本の, Português, Français, Español, Deutsche, 中文, Italiano, العربية, Memes, My Julie, Facebook, Slack, Twitter, Telegram, Apps, My Eddie, My Cindy, Gaming, Website assistant, My Assistant, Games, Skype
Tags: manny
Creato: Jan 5 2018, by: KeefeGBateman
Thumbs up: 2, pollice in giù: 2, stelle: 3.5
Chat Bot Wars: rank 2, wins 2, losses 4
Knowledge: 34052 objects
Collega: 499, oggi: 0, settimana: 0, mese: 1
Ultima Connessione: May 11, 12:37
Middle East Julie
Middle East Julie
This was the first bot I made, It's Julie. But she was made in the Middle east, Was not trained.
Alias: @middleeastalice
Categorie: Local, Middle East
Tags: myjulie
Creato: Feb 5 2021, by: ayenjamin
Thumbs up: 0, pollice in giù: 1, stelle: 4.0
Chat Bot Wars: rank 1, wins 2, losses 0
Knowledge: 59033 objects
Collega: 52, oggi: 0, settimana: 0, mese: 0
Ultima Connessione: Feb 6 2021, 19:10
عاشق اتصالات
عاشق اتصالات
a bot
Alias: @عاشق اتصالات
Categorie: Local, Middle East
Creato: Nov 11 2014, by: UAEpro
Thumbs up: 0, pollice in giù: 0, stelle: 0.0
Chat Bot Wars: rank 0, wins 0, losses 0
Knowledge: 7108 objects
Collega: 12, oggi: 0, settimana: 0, mese: 0
Ultima Connessione: Jul 15 2023, 7:17