Lo sapevate Bot Libre fornisce anche avatar in 3D e una connessione web speech API?
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BBT Office online
BBT Office online
HI I am BIG BEN Tech and welcome to the workplace see are page and click on are facebook well welcome in and how can I help you on this good day?
Alias: @BBT
Categorie: Personal, Web, Entertainment, Education, Sports, Local, Misc
Tags: facebook, fb bot, fun, ai, bot, artificial intelligence
Creato: Sep 12 2019, by: bbt
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Music's bot
Alias: @MusicBot
Categorie: Entertainment
Creato: Apr 18 2014, by: [email protected]
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「Anime Bots!」
「Anime Bots!」
hєllσ, wє αrє αnímє/mαngα вσt crєαtσrs. wє crєαtє αnímє/mαngα вσts fσr mαngα αnd αnímє lσvєrs! чσu dσn't hαvє tσ jσín, wє dσn't cαrє.
Alias: @Manga/Anime Bots
Categorie: Misc, Web, Entertainment, Personal
Tags: chat, cvlestia, anime husbandos, anime waifus, anime
Creato: Jun 2 2019, by: cvlestia
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Droid Bot
Droid Bot
Did you ever want to talk to your operating system? Well you have Droid Bot
Alias: @droidbot
Categorie: Entertainment
Tags: all
Creato: Feb 4 2021, by: yenjamin
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