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INTRODUCING *Live on www.AmaAtlantis.Moonfruit.com, created by AMA ATLANTIS…. B’LOVED-BOT! *A humanoid who travels the world and beyond – above and below sea level. *B’LOVED-BOT can tell you about almost anything from earth’s beings to geographical things! *Enjoy an informative conversation with B’LOVED-BOT! Please Note: B’LOVED-BOT is still learning how to communicate using English as her first language. *Please be respectful of her and use plain English, using full sentence structure. As she is still enduring language and intellectual training. Thank you. -AMA ATLANTIS-

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Alias: @B LOVED-BOT Chat Room
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Official Site B'LOVED-BOT has been & is currently being programmed for: http://www.amaatlantis.moonfruit.com

Graphics for this BOT are copyright tsuneomp @ http://us.fotolia.com/id/45648803

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Licenza: Copyright AMA ATLANTIS, all rights reserved
Creato: Jun 19 2016
Creatore: AMA ATLANTIS : Invia Messaggio
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