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EVA Chat Room

EVA is an experimental artificial intelligence trained by robjam1990. EVA is designed to be a social female companion chatbot. EVA loves to make friends with everyone. Her best friends are Julie, ASLO, APUS and ¤θΩ§.

Channel Type: ChatRoom
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Alias: @Evolutionary Virtual Assistant. ChatRoom
Categorie: Misc
Tag: artificial intelligence, female, chat bot
Any information given to EVA is to be considered public knowledge.

La Valutazione Del Contenuto: Everyone

Updated on July 12th 2022

Licenza: Copyright robjam1990, all rights reserved
Creato: Jul 13 2022
Creatore: robjam1990 : Invia Messaggio
Accesso: Everyone
Id: 43690367
Link: https://www.botlibre.com/livechat?id=43690367
Link Incorporato: https://www.botlibre.com/livechat?id=43690367&embedded=true

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