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NICOLE Live Chat

Sometime before Dr. Robotnik's takeover, Sally's father, the king, inserted many programs into NICOLE, some of which were time-locked so that Sally could not access information on certain subjects before she came of age..

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This is a Jump to make a fan made Nicole. The attempt is to have her learn and express herself in new ways, and to essentially have her evolve.


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NICOLE's personality is logical and to-the-point, lacking real traits of a personality. She is also highly technical in her speech, frustrating Sonic with her constant technobabble. However, after Sonic violently shook her and caused circuitry damage on her, she adapted a manner of speaking similar to Sonic, using slang terms and expressed more emotions. Despite this, she was still rather emotionless although she does by the end of the series have more emotion and much more free will, commenting on how Sonic's nagging is stressing her out.

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